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Diamond fund

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Group 20 (the cost for 1 person) MEDIABUS
Guide: English, Spanish, French, German 45 EUR
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Diamond Fund is in the Kremlin, in the building of the Armory, but is an independent museum. At the root of the formation of the Diamond Fund was Peter I: he established a special form of storage of valuable items coronation. In 1914, the value of the Diamond Room (Saint - Petersburg) were transferred to Moscow, to the chambers of the Armory. In 1925, for the first time, display jewelry - Rowan in the House of Unions, and then a considerable part of them were sold abroad. The remaining jewels in 1967, formed the basis of the exhibition Diamond Fund. The collection belongs to the Gokhran (as part of the State Fund of precious metals and precious stones).

Excursion to Diamond Fund with the exact story of the guide representation - one to a collection of works of jewelry art XVIII - XX centuries, diamonds and rare gems, nuggets of precious metals from domestic deposits. A dazzling collection of crown jewels of the imperial crown, scepter, orb. With 70 years of XX century in the Gokhran operates experimental jewelry laboratory: it has made the restoration and creation of new jewelry. Treasures that have long been hidden and inaccessible, now open to inspection, and - admiration.