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Sergiev Posad

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Home town put Trinity Monastery. Glory of St. Sergius monastery founded by him and attracted to the monastery of monks and worshipers. Gradually they began to settle near the monastery and peasants. The first settlement, which became the foundation of the future city were villages Kokueva, Panino and Klementievo. Trinity Monastery has always been a major landowner. Land belonging to the monastery had a large financial incentives that contributed to the development of trade and crafts. The area around the monastery gradually created settlements artisans. So there were icons and Cook, Stables and Bogie, and Pushkarskaya Musketeers District. The economic life of the city was also depending on the needs of the monastery. Due to the great demand by pilgrims to religious items there was developed the production of crosses, candlesticks, icons, etc.

But the greatest popularity gained Sergievskaya toy. No wonder Sergiev Posad called "Amusing the capital of the kingdom." Buy toys at the walls of the monastery - to commit a charitable cause. After all, he cut Sergius of toys to amuse the kids. The monastery did not depart from the local industrialists. Currently, Sergiev Posad - the largest administrative, industrial, cultural and tourist center near Moscow, the pearl of the "Golden Ring"