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St. Basil's Cathedral

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St. Basil's Cathedral (Pokrovsky Cathedral) was built during the war for the conquest of Kazan and Astrakhan kingdoms in the 1552-1554 biennium. After each significant victory near stood on this spot a stone church of the Holy Trinity was built a wooden church in the name of the saint, whose memory is celebrated on the day of another victory. By the end of the war on one site turned 8 churches. In 1555-1561 gg. at the behest of Ivan the Terrible architects Barma and Faster Yakovlev (there is a hypothesis that this is one and the same person: Ivan Yakovlevich Barma) erected on a foundation of eight churches symmetrically arranged around the ninth. By the end of the XVI century. 65-meter-high cathedral was the tallest building in Moscow.
In Red Square, the former at the time the center of social and commercial life of Muscovites accustomed to seeing at any time of the day in the colorful and noisy crowd of Basil, in rags, always barefoot. This man was born in the parish Elokhovskiy Epiphany Church in 1464, in his youth left the parental home, wandering around Moscow, and followed him glory healer and clairvoyant. We knew him in Moscow everything - from merchant to Tsar Ivan the Terrible, who not only took the blessed in his palace, listening to stories about his vision and advice, but also visited him with the queen and princes at the deathbed. In the summer of 1552, Vasily died and was buried at Trinity Church. When a few years later the temple of the Protection of build, the tomb appeared at its very walls.
Thirty years later by decree of Tsar Fyodor Ivanovich over the tomb of St. Basil, a new chapel. And from that time, few people remember the true name of the Church of the Intercession of the Mother of God, and his name is St. Basil's Cathedral. In 1672, in the south-east corner of the cathedral built another small church over the tomb of another Moscow holy fool - St. John's Cathedral, buried here in 1589 In 1929, the cathedral was closed. In 1991, in the Cathedral of the Intercession re-enabled services, although to date the temple is a branch of the State Historical Museum.
Visitors to the temple can hear the story of the construction of architectural and cultural masterpieces of Russian culture, to see the interior of the church, to visit his Treasury.