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The Kremlin and the Cathedral

The tour includes the cost of tickets, guide and transportCost
Group of 20 people (the price for 1 person)  MEDIABUS
Guide: English, Spanish, French, German 26 EUR
Chinese 27 EUR
Group 12 (the cost for 1 person)  MINIBUS 
Guide: English, Spanish, French, German 28 EUR
Chinese 29 EUR
Group 7 (the cost for 1 person) MINIVAN 
Guide: English, Spanish, French, German 35 EUR
Chinese 36 EUR
Group 3 (the cost for 1 person) passenger transport
 Guide: English, Spanish, French, German 40 EUR
Chinese 43 EUR

Excursion to the Moscow Kremlin should not be missed by any visitor or a resident of Moscow. Kremlin - a place where every period of history has left its mark; "a place of great historical memories" - in the words of the historian Karamzin. All-Russian national shrine, walled city, a stronghold of power, spiritual center, a treasure trove of art - all this the Kremlin. In the Kremlin, near everything: together - the king's towers and palaces, the residence of the President of Russia and museums. Tour of the Kremlin goes on Cathedral Square, which majestically Assumption, Archangel and Annunciation Cathedral. Cathedrals, where Russian tsars were crowned to reign, where the burial of Russian grand dukes, kings and patriarchs. In the Ivanovo area - the legendary Tsar Bell and Tsar Cannon. Near Taynitsky Garden, surprisingly uncrowded: a good rest there in silence, watching the life of the Kremlin. Excursion to the Moscow Kremlin from the category of an unforgettable experience.