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Tretyakov Gallery

The tour includes the cost of tickets, guide and transportCost
Group of 20 people (the price for 1 person)  MEDIABUS
Guide: English, Spanish, French, German 18 EUR
Chinese 18 EUR
Group 12 (the cost for 1 person)  MINIBUS 
Guide: English, Spanish, French, German 21 EUR
Chinese 21 EUR
Group 7 (the cost for 1 person) MINIVAN 
Guide: English, Spanish, French, German 28 EUR
Chinese 28 EUR
Group 3 (the cost for 1 person) passenger transport
 Guide: English, Spanish, French, German 43 EUR
Chinese 43 EUR

Excursion to the Tretyakov Gallery - the number of compulsory excursions in Moscow. 150 years turned the Tretyakov Gallery in 2006. P.M.Tretyakov created Russia's first museum of national art school: "... the public, all accessible repository of art that brings a lot of benefit to all - fun."
The pleasure of beauty, which for many - a common, but for everyone - there are his favorite. What a joy to know and see the "live" old friends - pictures, familiar from childhood from reproductions. And surprisingly unfamiliar works by famous artists.
The guide at the Tretyakov Gallery - as a guide: here is easy to lose a sense of time and space.
Excursion to the Tretyakov Gallery will leave memories and thanks to an excellent souvenir. From luxury art albums to magnets and postcards: no experience and there will be no gifts.
Tretyakov Gallery - one of the largest museums in Russia and abroad. But in addition to "official status" national art treasure, it really is a truly popular, loved by millions of museum.