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Company "TDR" warrants rent buses and all kinds of services. We take full responsibility for our obligations to our customers.

 Material, financial

We guarantee to supply the stipulated time and decent appearance of the bus. In case of late delivery (delay of more than 1 hour) or supply bus having unseemly appearance, we pay a fine of 10% of the order for the rental.


The company's activities "TDR" carried out under the license number ACC-77-087015 dated 23.12.2009, in strict compliance with the requirements of relevant federal laws, other legislative acts and other normative documents of the City of Moscow and the Russian Federation.


Transport company "TDR" and the responsibility for any damage that may be caused to them during the term of the lease, are insured in accordance with applicable law.


We guarantee the quality of our services! Working in the rental of buses since 2001 and being sufficiently large Moscow company, it is natural that on our reputation and professionalism of our staff and the level of service depends on the success and development of both the company as a whole and each of its employees.


We hope for long-term cooperation!