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Mercedes Sprinter D-515CDI

Производитель: Mercedes
state number: А 520 КР. 197
Seats: 16+2
Min. order: 3+1
Max. speed: 125 km / h
Color: White
Price: 760 p / h
Options bus:
  • Audio (microphone);
  • Air conditioning (individually adjustable cooling);
  • Video system (DVD);
  • Night lighting;
  • Folding and sliding seat;
  • Lockable arm;
  • Individual lighting;
  • The luggage compartment;
  • Seat belts;
  • Automatic Door;
  • Leather upholstery;

Download scheme places the bus

Minimum order in Moscow (excluding departure for Moscow)                                                                                                                    3520 RUR
Transfer (railway station - hotel within the Ring Road) 3520 RUR
Shuttle Service (Sheremetyevo Airport -Hotel within the Ring Road)   3520 RUR.
Shuttle Service (Vnukovo Airport, Domodedovo Airport - hotel within the Ring Road) 4400 RUR.
Pick up / drop off (support groups) 
  -  Russian-speaking escort 1500 RUR
  -  English-speaking escort 3000 RUR
  -  German-, French-, Spanish- speaking escort 3500 RUR

You need to meet the guests, colleagues bring to the workplace, or simply go on vacation, then you need the services of passenger transport, to get maximum enjoyment from the trip. The modern minivan meets all requirements - private lighting and refreshment, night dim lights, reclining seats, seat belts, video DVD and audio system with microphone, large luggage compartment, it will make your trip memorable. Designed for 19 seats, but you can order a rental van with 8 seats, if you are a small company.