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Conduct of passengers in the bus

1. Please take good care of the equipment.

2. Drinking of alcoholic beverages and smoking in the cabin of the vehicle and the toilet is strictly prohibited.

3. Do not walk through the cabin of the bus while driving.

4. You can not stand in the aisles during the movement.

5. Never put the bags in the aisles. In order to pass traffic safety should be free.

6. Do not distract the driver while driving.

7. Garbage put into individual bags and disposed of in the waste bin in the parking lots.

8. The shelves above the seat are only for small baggage.

9.Use hot water and a kitchenette can be only with the permission of the driver during a stop, to avoid accidents.

10. The passenger is responsible for damages to the vehicle.

11. Do not transport in the passenger compartment of the bus and any vehicle any appliances, construction equipment or luggage, which can cause damage to the property of «the Contractor».

12. When transporting children, for compliance with rules of conduct in the vehicle responsible team leader.

Passengers who violate the rules of conduct on the bus landed without compensation fare!

The bus has a biochemical toilet with wash basin. To maintain comfort toilet use only in emergencies, as the volume of the toilet is limited. This means that, if the toilet is full, the driver is obliged to close it, to avoid the spread of odor in the cabin. In addition, the slope of toilet fluid and refill the water tank can be made only in specially designated areas (environmental requirements). Please use the toilets at the parking stopovers. The toilet paper and throw sanitary napkins should only be in the trash.